The label ‘designed in Lebanon’ is created to establish the following functions.

1•Assisting Enterprises with Design

  • To enhance innovative design.
  • To assist enterprises with product development.

2•Enhancing Design Research

  • Research on themes of Lebanese culture.
  • Promoting design research for a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Cooperating with relevant circles.

3•Cooperating with relevant circles.

  • Design Expo.
  • Design Award.
  • Design Congress.
  • Young Designers' Exhibition.

4•Strengthening Design Talent

  • Design training and Job-intended talent match making.
  • Mastering future design trend.
  • Implementing field-crossing knowledge integration.

5•Local Design Industry Building

  • Power level of design firms.
  • Incubating Lebanese design brands.
  • Implementing design aesthetics training programs.

6•Design Development

  • Promoting ideas of universal design.
  • Running design information and publications.
  • Establishing an e-platform with integrated services.